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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:43 PM

Shamelessy stolen from :iconthe-cerzz:, :iconthe-zombie-cat: and :iconthe-serene-mage: :D 

~ If you don't have at least 8 OCs I wouldn't recommend this meme
~ Add on questions to this meme! It will make it bigger!
~ Enjoy!

1) First list all your OCs by first name so we can see your list of all your wonderful OCs:

1) Para
2) Kimbra
3) Vash
4) Chaynes
5) Lola
6) Viktor
7) Tani
8) Abigayle
9) Poppy
10) Celia

2) Who is your favorite OC?

Oh gawd... what a horrible question D:
Um... *hyperventilates* probably Kimbra. I just adore the shy little huntress. It's been a pleasure to see her blossom and grow <3

3) Who is your least favorite?

Viktor...hands down. He's a vile person and it's almost mandatory that you would hate a guy like him 

4) Who is your most developed?

Para. Her life has been a rollercoaster for sure, but since she's my WoW'sona it's easy for me to imagine how she would react in a certain situation.

5) Which OC would you want to date if they magically came to life?

Vash. He's very loyal and affectionate, and he will fiercely protect the people he cares about. Despite his rather dark past, he's a very nice guy.

6) How many girl OCs do you have? Boy OCs? It OCs?
8 girls
2 boys
(pathetic low atm, I know... I'm working on slowly expanding)

I also share custody of a few kiddos right now.
So if Para's kids count then I have an additional boy and 2 girls to add to the count. As well as a baby Moon Demon. Hopefully more kids will be added soon :la:

7) If you were stuck in a burning building what do you think the third OC on your list would do?

Oh gosh. Vash would run unthinking into the burning building to save me and anyone else who was trapped inside....unless ofc I harmed someone he loved and then he was likely the one to start the building on fire XD

8) Name one thing you regret about one of your OCs.

I can't truly regret anything about them because everything has worked out the way it should... but I'm less than proud of the way Para pushed away everyone in the past.

9) Which of your OCs do you think would make the best father/mother/it parent out of all your OCs and why??

All of them.. EXCEPT VIKTOR! Keep all children away from that man >::I I would probably say the top 3 best would be Para, Kimbra, and Celia though. They would give anything to ensure their children had the loving and supportive upbringing that they lacked themselves

10) Which of your OCs do you think will most likely be put in jail?

Viktor, Lola, or Poppy.
Viktor for being a child molestor who blackmails and kidnaps people.
Lola for being mistaken for a prostitute XD
and Poppy for stealing food in order to survive.

11) The eighth of your OCs was put into the future! What will their job be?!?

I imagine she would still be working to serve the Lich King...unless she decided to leave the Scourge to help Jeremiah find his imaginary ancestors ;P

12) Name the first OCs catch phrase!

Lol I don't know that she has a catch phase, per se...but she lives by the motto "Be the change you want to see in the world"

13) Do all your OCs live together or are they separated?
Para lives in Silverpine Forest with her family, Kimbra is holed up with Wynter in his cave in Alterac Mountains, Vash travels constantly but you can usually find him roaming the streets of Dalaran or other neutral faction cities, Chaynes is usually off aiding in war efforts so she'd currently in Pandaria, Lola is like Vash and enjoys to travel and meet people...her home is Gilneas though she hasn't been back much since the wall fell, Viktor lives in Stormwind and spends 75% of his time in the catacombs beneath the Cathedral of Light, Tani is roaming the Glades with her lover and protector Venyzon, Abigayle lives in the Crimson Halls inside Icecrown Citadel, Poppy has no home to speak of...she spends most nights curled up under a bridge in Eversong Woods, and Celia lives with her husband in Feralas for the time being.

14) Are there any pairings that are in your OC list? (they can't be with someone else's)

Nope, they are all either single or squished with other people's characters 

15) Your seventh OC switched bodies with you for a day! How will they react at the end of the day?

I think she would be restless XD She's not used to being as cooped up as I am 99% of the time. I'm a hermit and she lives to wander out in the beauty of nature

16) Your last OC just became a fifteen year old. What do they do?

Oh she's likely jump for joy for the chance to have a do over and avoid ending up in an abusive relationship.

17) Now randomly select a person on your OC list. Who was it?


18) That OC you just chose? Yeah they think they are superman (even if they are a girl) and are on the roof about to jump off.
Oh gawd. Para likely be an emotional wreck :giggle: She has a paralyzing fear or falling from heights.

19) Are any of your OCs bored of this meme?

Lola, Viktor, and Abbie

20) Would your second OC prefer the beach or the mountains?

Kimbra would most likely choose the mountains because of the animals... but if you asked her right at this -exact- moment she is LOVING her time at the beach ;)

21) Would your 5th OC battle a shark?

No. I don't see Lola ever wanting to harm anything. She would fight for her own survival but she would be reluctant to cause too much harm to the person or thing she was fighting.

22) Which OCs hate each other?

Para and Viktor utterly despise each other.

23) Which OC did you create first? And last?

First was Para
Last is Celia 

24) Your dad's leg!


25) And if those two were fighting, who would win?

Between Celia and Para?! Para would never actually hurt her, but I'm going to have to give the fight to Para. Celia's blindness kind of puts her at a severe disadvantage to fight -anyone-

26) Are your OCs fat or skinny?

Para- Curvy and lanky
Kimbra- Thin but curvy through her bust and hips
Vash- Broad and muscular
Chaynes- Slim but ample in the bust
Lola- Slightly plump and curvy with a slim face
Viktor- Thin and lanky
Tani- Toned and curvy through her hips and thighs
Abigayle- Slim, but toned and curvy
Poppy- Painfully thin and lanky
Celia- Slim and curvy

27) What are your first 2 OC's favorite foods?

Para- Warm bread, cheese, and sweet wine
Kimbra- Fish, red wine, deserts

28) If your listed OCs were in a fight to the death, who would emerge victorious?

Vash... he would wipe the floor with the rest of us XD

29) There's a zombie attack and your OCs are stranded. Who do they elect to be their leader?

Probably Abbie. Vash wouldn't be too keen to partake in anymore fighting, so Abbie would step up. She is a very skilled fighter and she's used to being around and controlling undead creatures

30) During said zombie attack, who's the first to die?

I would say probably poor Celia :( but the truth of it is Para would shove Viktor into a pile of Zombie's as soon as she could XD

31) Which one of these OCs do you think would have the most fangirls/boys?

Vash if it was based on looks (He's so sexy all shirtless XD)
Although Celia would probably gain the most sympathy and have the most people volunteering to protect her.

32) Okay, so does OC number four have any last thoughts?

Chaynes- "The light has abandoned me..."

33) If possible, what's your characters' height

Para- 6'1
Kimbra- 5'9
Vash- 6'4
Chaynes- 6'
Lola- 5'5
Viktor- 6'3
Tani- 6'2
Abigayle- 5'7
Poppy- 5'2
Celia- 6'2

34) Can your characters dance?

Oh yes. They are all wonderful dancers, though Celia has lost a bit of her gracefulness and will likely crush your poor toes :P

35) What are your characters' ages?

Oh gosh... I'll give it my best shot ^^;
Para- died at 29 and was risen just before her 30th birthday... so she would be 30 now.
Kimbra- 22
Vash- 43
Chaynes- 31
Lola- 25
Viktor- 58
Tani- in human years she'd be about 40
Abigayle- she died when she was 26 and that was about 10 years ago, so 36 now I guess
Poppy- 18
Celia- 32

36) What's one item that your characters couldn't be without?

Para- she's not sentimental about material things, but since she doesn't have a wedding ring (not sure why... we just never had Ichbur propose with one XD)... I would say her engineering goggles
Kimbra- her wedding ring and her bow
Vash- he's not very sentimental about material things either, so if he -had- to pick something it would be his flask ;P
Chaynes- the Light
Lola- lol probably some kind of contraception :giggle:
Viktor- Potions
Tani- her overstuffed hoarders satchel XD The girl has a -serious- issue getting rid of things
Abigayle- Blood
Poppy- She's very attached to her robe since it's the only nice thing she owns
Celia- again, she's not sentimental, but her blindfold jumps to the front of my mind. She would feel very exposed without it.

37) Who are your top 3 OC's love interests?

Para- Ichbur VonArsin- Forsaken Warlock and general ball of chaos :horny:
Kimbra- Wynter 'Harp' Dawson/ Acario- Demon possessed Forsaken Mage
Vash- In one reality, he's with Cheshar Evestalker - a Night Elf rogue who lives outside Gadgetzan.... and in the other reality, he's currently single :)


Beyond 'Til Death' by The-Zombie-CatAT: Wynter by ZafNovaAT - Girls Love Pets by The-CerzzDT by PuddingPack


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Abbie and Ramsey

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