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Para & Ichbur / The VonArsin Family

Wynter and Kimbra/ The Dawson Family

Abbie and Ramsey




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Neko-Emoji-01 [V1] by Jerikuto- HAI THERE!

Commissions - CLOSED
Art Trades- CLOSED
New RP Partner Requests- CLOSED

Kiriban @ 30,666 so send a screenshot for a free character headshot :) (No Gear and No Worgen/Panda/Tauren/Anything with anthro features for drawn pieces) or you can choose to have a fullbody WMV edit of your character. (No player race restrictions)
Kiriban Open to -ACTIVE- Watchers ONLY... if you never talk to me then please don't insult me by only caring when you get free art.

My Hubby-

My Best Friends-

Artists Who Inspire Me-

tracking ip addresses

People You Should Commission-
Commission Info by The-Zombie-Cat Urm.. Open for Business..!:la: Re - Opened :la: 
:bulletgreen: :bulletblue: Strictly Limited Commissions are Open :bulletblue: :bulletgreen:
Okay, this is my first ever time doing this so please be kind to me, I'm opening up commissions but for now they will be very limited til I get my eye in <3
:bulletred: :bulletblack: Possible Questions You May Have (please read) :bulletblack: :bulletred: 
[Bullet; Red] How much are they? For the moment, they will be a straight £7.50 I will start work on the pictures as soon as the money reaches me. 
[Bullet; Yellow] What will I get for my money? At the moment I'm offering EITHER a single character, hip-up posed portrait style picture of your humanoid OC, fully shaded and coloured with a coloured square background (Similar to this -  ) OR a single character, full-bodied pic of your quad/creature OC (Similar to t
Removed Head Shot Option and Updated Art by MischiArt commission info by m-y-k-s-o COMMISSIONS by spectr00m Updated Commission Info by PuddingPack AT Commission Info! (OPEN SLOTS) Price Changes by AvannTeth *REOPENED* - Commission Information (5/15) by Reimann Commissions Open by Dark-Edyn Commission Info [ Closed]

Read the FAQ!

Red Square Bullet Make sure to read everything before commissioning me!Red Square Bullet 
Red Square BulletIf my commissions are full, check my waiting-list! If waiting-list is full keep an eye out for openings!Red Square Bullet
:bulletwhite: How it Works :bulletwhite: 
To check prices and examples go to my website:

Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
Commission Information + FAQ STATUS: If you messaged me before about being on this list, send me another note please!
1. LittleLadyOwl
2. Paraspriteful
3. atrusdavion
4. frimaires
Headshot: $3.00
Full Body:$10.00
Colored Lines
Full Body:$20.00
Full Body:$35-45
Commission Type:
Character name:
Character age:
Body type:
Hair style/Color:
Eye color:
Skin color:
Brief character traits:
1. How much is it for two people in one image?: It's the same price of the first, so if you were getting two fullbody lines in one i
Commission information.COMMISSION RULES:
-PayPal accepted only.
-Payment comes before I start with the art.
-I dont draw porn. No complicated machines too.
-Whenever you commission, please give me a nice description of a character's personality and some main features (: Dont make me ask stupid questions plz.
-Mind I draw in my style only. My way, my touch. Don't like it - exit to the left.
-Follow my Tumblr blog for wips.
-Deal with my big watermark!
-My art is for personal use only - phone/computer desktop, forum or messenger avatars, and forums. I'd really appreciate it if you give me credit whenever liking/posting my art on forums. For bigger pieces and purposes, like book illustration/covers/ect, negotiations over the prises will be made.
-Small canvases, because my computer is old. ):
-Enjoy the arts!
My PayPal is, make sure you've written down your dA name in the payment information pleeeaaazeeee.
Summer 2014 commission pricing by KimberlySwan Commission 2014 by karniz Current Commish Queue / Price ListCOMMISSIONS OPEN!
Price List:
Sketch, Bust: $10 

Sketch, Bust, Colored: $15

Bust, Colored: $25

Bust, Colored, Basic Background: $30

Other stuff:
Extra characters - $5 ea / 1000g
Elaborate Backgrounds - Variation of pricing

Prices can change. I am still determining pricing information. Please refer back to this journal before deciding to purchase. 
Currently, I am not doing full-body work due to time restriction.
I do not do porn. Soft nudity is fine.I bounce between works at times if I am experiencing a block. For this reason I do not take payment upfront. I will note you/write you when I am starting your piece, in the middle of your piece, and at t
Commissions - new optionsCOMMISSION INFO:
Commission slots are unlimited.
1. Correct form of description:
Hair: description/ link to reference picture
Eyes: description/ link to reference picture
Clothes, etc: description/ link to reference picture
Pose: description/ link to reference picture
Personality: description
2. Please don’t include character biographies – I can’t use them! I don’t need them when drawing the image
– Just the instructions will do.
Please check your message before sending it, and make sure that all the details of what you want are included.
I am often very busy with commissions, and cannot accept notes with forgotten details. It gets chaotic when
everyone sends in a “Wait, I forgot – She has eyestalks!” message.
Some people didn't get their spots
because others ordered multiple pics. I want to please as many as I can )
I'm using PayPal
Commission Prices List by Amo-Zero Commish info! by FatVonD Commission pricelist updated 2014 by whinecraft Commission prices OPEN 35% OFF by sugarkitt3n

(I have either personally commissioned these, or plan to in the future. Their work is just incredible <3 Also, to anyone feeling left out, I only added people who made commission sheets or journals with commission info)…

Life and To-Do List

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 7:22 AM
Hey all :) (Smile)

Well in case you didn't figure it out by now, I'm back from the UK. I had a lovely time seeing my in-laws, and some of my husband's -HUGE- extended family over there, (Not to mention Cerzzy and Paul!!!). We drove around and did so much in those 2 weeks that I must admit some of it is quite a blur. Though I miss everyone over in the UK terribly, I must admit it's rather nice to be home (though I'm lazy and still haven't fully unpacked Sweating a little... Buddy keeps laying on my suitcase though, and he looks so cute and chubby that I don't have the heart to move him ::'3)

In other news, my mom had double knee replacement while I was gone. She just got all the staples (over 100 :( (Sad)) out yesterday, and even though she's still in a lot of pain, I think she's doing fantastic! She outright refuses to let anyone help her and she still showers, cooks, and does her exercises all without anyone's assistance. I hope things continue to get easier for her and that some of the swelling in her lower legs and feet goes down so it's more comfortable for her because I just wanna cry because it looks so uncomfy :( (Sad)

Last but not least, after a year of being stuck with practically no income of my own due to lack of hours at my 'job', I finally got offered a position working at the grocery store that's like 1 minute from my apartment!! I am aware it's not a very glamorous job, and that the pay likely isn't going to be amazing, but it's steady and reliable work and the manager who interviewed me was just so sweet and really put my mind at ease. She didn't mind that I was a nervous babbling mess (like I am with -every- interview) so that was a plus :D (Big Grin) So yeah, I'm pretty excited and relieved that I no longer have to feel like shit for spending any money ::3

A little over one week til I get to see Avenged Sevenfold and Korn!!! I'm so super excited La la la la It so far looks like we'll have a decent group of us going, and I am slowly working on convincing my sister to join us. My mom is insisting she goes, not only because it's her favorite band, but because she's been so sad and stressed lately that she needs to learn to do things for herself.
On this same note, I will be AFK for most of the end of next week. I have to drive out to pick up The-Zombie-Cat and Vapetoday (which I might do Thursday, if that's OK with you guys) and then take them back with me Friday, we have the concert almost all day Sat, and then I will likely have to take them back Sunday if they need to get Tyler.

Anyway...thanks for listening to me babble XD I hope you all have been well <3 I'm going to continue my to-do list on Sat since I'm working today and tomorrow for my current jobs ::/

To- Do:
WMV Sticker Commission for Posia 
Finish my entry for The-Zombie-Cat 's contest
Color amazing lineart commission that MischiArt drew for me ::'3

(if I missed anything here please tell me. My memory has taken a permanent vacation)

Awaiting Commissions From/On Waiting List For:
Chibis and Pencil Sketch from chetom 
4x Couple Sketches from Nina-Mandarina 
Hip Up portrait from The-Cerzz COMPLETE-
Waist Up couple sketch from spectr00m 
Bust portrait from
On waiting list for clover-teapot 

(PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Don't feel pressured by this!!!!! This is just for my records. Since I never rush anyone to complete commissions, I always think I will forget things if I don't write them down. Since not all of them are currently paid for, I don't want to spend money I might be saving to pay someone else, if you know what I mean ^^; Also, if you don't see your name on the list and I have commissioned you, PLEASE let me know...especially if it hasn't been paid for!)

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Chaynes and IrnBru

Kil'Sha and Celia

Venyzon and Tandoori

Carn'Brea and Serafina


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